Hi there! Let me introduce myself! My name is Isabella van der Gaag, a Rotterdam based Arts enthusiast and graduated student with a BA degree in Arts and Culture Studies. I have worked as an Online Marketing Manager at Bertus Distribution (Music Distributor). I was responsible for the online marketing strategy of the record label Butler Records, the web design for the record label as well as the design of information sheets about new releases (among others).

I currently am a MSc student in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology in Leiden, The Netherlands. I am very busy with my master thesis research on the ‘experience of environmental risks among young women in Tamale (Ghana)’. Besides art, I am interested in environmental issues and recycling processes. Furthermore, I am working as a waitress during the weekends at Lof der Zoetheid and I am a volunteer at Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland and Greenpeace Netherlands.

I love to travel. I have already been on Erasmus exchange to KU Leuven Belgium as part of my BA Arts and Culture degree. During this period I traveled a lot through Europe, I have been for example to Denmark, Luxembourg, France, and Portugal. My last trip was going to Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Panama, Cuba, Mexico, The United States, and Canada. My next adventure will take place in Tamale (Ghana). I am going to spent there 12 weeks to do my anthropological research. You are able to follow my (travel) adventures on my blog.