The Amazon and Bolivia

Wow! The last 12 days were amazing. The last weekend of April, Clara and I went to the Amazon (The Manu rainforest in Peru) for 3 days. The trip was great. We slept in tents in houses in the rainforest. The first house was from an Italian guy that organizes trips in the Amazon. The second night we slept on the other side of the river in a typical jungle house. It was so nice! The nature was really beautiful and the little villages in the jungle really differ from the villages in the mountains.

The day after we came back from the jungle, we left to Lake Titicaca. We travelled from Cusco to La Paz with the Bolivia Hop. A good organisation! The busses are nice and cheap and the activities on the lake are included as well. Our first stop was in Puno, a little bit boring city in Peru. We did a full day trip on the lake from here to the floating islands (among others). It was touristic but also worth a visit! The second stop was in Copacabana, our first Bolivian city. This is a chill lay-back city. It reminded me a bit of a surfing town. Here we did the Isla del Sol tour. This is also a very beautiful and sunny island. Check the pictures on my Instagram!

On Friday May 5th, we arrived in La Paz late in the evening. My first impression was: big, chaos and dirty. The same night we went for a party in The Wild Rover, the Irish hostel were we stayed for the night. On Saturday we explored La Paz by a city walk and a cable up to the top of the mountains. The city is interesting. I am not sure if I like it or not. I like the unorganized character of the city but I don’t like that that makes some places unsafe and dirty.

The 3 days after La Paz were fantastic! We went on a trip to the Salt Flats in Uyuni. It was beautiful. I cannot describe it with words. We saw Flamingo’s, Vicunas, beautiful landscapes, flags and the statue of the Dakar Bolivia, we saw the sunrise in a hot tube, slept in salt hotels… Just look at the pictures and *if you can* make sure you’ll visit this place some day!

Yesterday I said goodbye to Clara. Now I am really travelling on my own. This morning, I arrived in Bogota, Colombia. New adventures ahead!!


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