Hikes are…. fun!

Buenas noches!

This was a hell of a week! But I loved every second of it. Last weekend we went to CCaccaccollo, a little village close to Cusco to spent a night there with a local family. I stayed with two girls Clara and Alex in the homestay of Theodora. She was our ‘mammi’ for this two days. We played a lot with the children there, of which the girl is named Cusi. She was only 4 years old. Her cousin was 6 years old. The family took great care of us. We received a lot of food from them and they were really friendly. Our mammi only spoke Spanish so I had to practice my Spanish a lot! Besides the eating, we also played football with the locals, worked on the land, and had a cosy party during the night. The second day we received a tour through the village and were able to buy clothes and souvernirs. I bought an Alpaca hoodie and a nice bracelet. The bracelet includes symbols that represents ‘a princess eye’. Must be a good one! 🙂

After the homestay we prepared for the Inca Trail. The Inca Trail was definitly the most amazing and beautiful hike I have ever done in my life. We started on Tuesday 18th of April. We walked for about 12 kilometers to our first campsite in the Andes mountains. The first day was not that bad, the whole group was really optimistic, eventhough it rained hard from time to time. The hike was easy and the view was really special!

These days we were really ‘camping-like’. The tents we used were small. I shared mine with Clara again :). We weren’t able to take showers and we must used squad-toilets on the campsite. And yes, it were toilets which we had to share with about 40 to 100 others. However, I still love camping and the food was delicious! We had our own porters and chefs with us during the trip and they took good care of us and prepared a lot of traditional Peruvian food. Nice! 🙂

The second day was really hard. We had to climb up to the highest point of the hike: the 4215 meter point. It is named: The Death Women’s Pass, because of the form of the mountain. Not because a lot of girls pass out here ;). However, I almost passed out during this day. It was really hard. I had to tell to myself I was not a quitter, so I continued. But after 4125209 stairs your pretty much done with it. Reaching the top felt therefore even more as a relief. Together with Gethin, a guy of our group, I was the first one that reached the top. After that, it was still 2 hours walking down to the camp again.

The third day we had to walk 16 (!) kilometers. Okay, the distance is maybe not thát long for someone who already finished two full marathons in her life, but this is different. We had to climb a few mountians, walk back down again, climb up again…. It was exhausting. But also really beautiful! I’ve seen a lot of different kind of nature. Like rainforest, high mountains, waterfalls, etc. Super pretty! At the end of the day we reached an Inca sight on top of a mountain from which we had a beautiful view over the other mountains. It already felt like we had won the ‘game’. The whole group was together to enjoy the view. We had a good time!

The last day we had to wake up around 03:30 in the morning. (Yes you read that right!). We hiked the last 6 kilometers to the Machu Picchu. We had a full morning to explore this Inca city and temple. It was so special to be here! The last couple of months I was only able to see it on pictures on Google, but now I have my own Machu Picchu pictures. The experience of this whole trip, the Inca Trail and the Machu Picchu tour, was great! The guides where super nice, my group was even nicer. I have met so many friendly people during the last two weeks that it feels strange to continue my trip already. Lucky for me I’m not going to do it on my own, but with my lovely travel mate Clara!



So, after Machu Picchu it was time to say goodbye to our group. On Sunday, I went with four ‘leftover’ others to the Rainbow Mountains. This was an exhausting trip as well. We were picked up at 03:30 again in the morning and had to complete a hike of 5 kilometers in a high altitude of 5000 meters. We were so tired that we decided to rent a horse instead of completing the hike by ourselfs. During the hike, it started even to snow and hail. However, it was all worth it when we arrived at the top. The view of the Rainbow Mountains was beautiful. It felt like we were walking in a unicorn landscape.


On Sunday evening, I arrived at the Milhouse Hostel in Cusco. Me and Clara will stay here for five days straight. That’s nice because we need some rest. I also take Spanish classes here in the mornings. On Monday morning I had my first lesson. The woman is nice and I love to learn Spanish. The hostel itself is also great. It is big hostel with a lot of other backpackers. I have the feeling that I can spend a good few days here! The G Adventure trip was really nice and I enjoyed every minute of it, but I am now also ready for new adventures!


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