And so it begins!


I’m already travelling for a week now. Time flies when you’re having fun! On Saturday April 8th, I travelled with a transit in Houston to Lima. I arrived around midnight in Lima on the same day. Then the adventure begins: where can I find the luggage pick up? Where is my taxidriver? Lucky for me it all went well. At the pick up service I met a Canadian couple who were also part of my G-Adventures group trip through Peru. That feels nice! From the first minute, I was not on my own anymore.

The taxidriver was a kind local guy who was very enthusiast about his country. He studied English in Lima so he tried to tell interesting facts about the local food and culture. When we arrived at the first hostel, I was so tired that I directly went to the room to sleep. Sleep? Good joke! The jetlag kicked in at the first night so I was awake for a couple of hours. But well, that’s also part of travelling of course!

On Sunday, I went out for some city sightseeing on my own. I had not met the group yet so I was strolling through the city myself. First I thought, is this smart? Is this suicide to walk as a young blond girl on her own through a city like Lima? But it turned out to be all well. Of course there are man who are whisteling at you, but if you ignore it, everything is fine. I spended the day in Barranco and Miraflores, two neighbourhoods in the city which are generally safe. I loved Lima! The atmosphere is so good and the weather was perfect. The city is also clean and modern. I even had lunch at a cute little vegan restaurant. And I was surprised that so many people (tried to) speak English in this part of Peru.

On the third day we (the group and I) travelled to Nazca by bus. The group is lovely! It exists out of 18 people from all parts of the world. There are some people from The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, United Kingdom etc. Our guide is called Gino and is a local Peruvian guy. In Nazca I spended a morning at a pool because it was too hot to do anything. In the afternoon, we went with the whole group on a desert trip including sandboarding. The sandboarding is so much fun! It gives you the feeling of total freedom. Also, the sunset in the desert is one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.

Later on, it was time for my first nightbus. I have learned myself to relax. Most nightbusses take around 8 till 10 hours on western schedules. On Peruvian time, the same distance can sometimes take up to 12 hours. The whole group arrived a bit tired in Arequipa, a big city at the beginning of the Andes mountains. We did a lot of sightseeing here, including a local market, the Inca museum, and a viewpoint.

But the most fabolous trip we’ve made this week was the trip to Chevay, a small village in the Andes. The trip to the village was awesome. We have seen so many beautiful landscapes. I cannot describe how it looks like, you just have to see the pictures I made. I felt so happy and blessed to walk around in nature like this. The animals are funny too. I’ve seen one of my favorite animals: the Alpaca! I was even able to make a picture with a baby alpaca on the second day. BEST DAY EVER! Besides that, the Vicunas and the Lamas are interesting animals as well. Impressing were the Condors we’ve seen very close at the Colca Canyon.

After another nightbus, we arrived in Cusco this morning. This will be my central point for the next two weeks. From here I will start the Inca trail, do some excursions (maybe even to the rainforest!) and start my Spanish language course. There’s so much to do that I even don’t have time to be tired from the stupid nightbusses! The city is waiting for me! Hello second week! 🙂


2 thoughts on “And so it begins!

  1. Pim de Ruiter says:

    Wat een mooie natuur.
    Gaat het allemaal goed met jou en de groep?
    Aan de foto’s te zien wel.
    Geniet nog maar.


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