The Day After Tomorrow

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I posted my first blog about leaving my hometown Rotterdam (The Netherlands). The day after tomorrow I will leave for my big adventure. The last couple of weeks I spent a lot of time with my friends and family for some last dinners or lunch dates. Last Friday, I had to say goodbye to my colleagues as well. That was a bit strange but also a relief at the same time.

Two years ago, I started my worktime at Bertus Distribution –  the music distributor I worked for. I started as an intern at Music On Vinyl, a ‘vinyl only’ record label. I learned a lot during this time because I didn’t had any workexperience at an office before. Besides that, a new world called ‘music’ was opening up for me because for the first time I learned a lot about music in general. Now, I do have knowledge about multiple music genres I did not have before I started my work at Music On Vinyl. After my period as an intern, I continued working as an online marketeer at Bertus Distribution. My main task here was to set up an online communiction strategy for the inhouse record label Butler Records.


To summarize,  the last two years were very interesting for me. I met a lot of great colleagues. This all, made it a bit strange to me to leave this company. Last Friday, my colleagues said goodbye to me by giving me a postcard with a lot of friendly messages on it. Also, they gave me a big worldmap on which I can mark the countries I have been to. Now, it feels as a relief because I finally have the total freedom to do what I really want to do right now: travelling from Peru to the United States.

But the hardest part is to hug my friends and family for the last time. A few friends also gave me postcards with the most wonderful messages on it. It feels so good to have so many lovely people around me. Words cannot describe how much I love and how much I will miss these guys. BUT I will spam you the next couple of months with awesome travelphoto’s. Be prepared!

Right now, I am ready to go. I finished the last things I had to do, like buying medicines, toiletries, checking my flights, and so on. My backpack is already packed. It is a heavy one with a weight of 15 kg. But everything I want to bring with me is inside. It all fits! That is another relief as well. 😉


Watch out world, here I come!

Love, Isabella


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