Leaving Rotterdam

Hi there! This is my first blog so I hope you’ll enjoy it. Because there’re only three weeks left, I’m busy preparing my big trip to South America, Cuba, Mexico, and the United States. Don’t get me wrong, I already prepared a lot for this big adventure. At the moment I’m wrapping up the final things like buying some last necessary toiletries and medicines. At work, I am busy to end the last activities and to transmit my tasks to my colleagues. But which stresses me out at the moment is MOVING, I’m leaving Rotterdam!

Please let me explain why moving out this beautiful city is a bit hard to me. I was born in Rotterdam at September 1st, 1994. I grew up in a close village called Berkel and Rodenrijs. At the age of 19, I moved to Rotterdam to a student house to spend my time as a Arts and Culture student in the city centre. This house at the fancy ‘Pannekoekstraat’ was (or maybe is) great! I have lived here for almost three years and it feels a bit strange to leave. I mean, it was my fist own house! Furthermore, the room was perfect. I had my own french balcony, a cute little fireplace, and a lot of space. The various housemates I have had were very kind people. I want to thank Fee, Esmee, and Chaereen to make the apartment feel like home. It is always a bit difficult to leave your home, for sure when it was your first own flat! Here’s an impression of my first house:

Besides my personal feelings, I also think its hard to leave Rotterdam because its one of the coolest cities of Europe. I have traveled a lot through Europe in the time I was an exchange student at KU Leuven, Belgium (2015). I went to Copenhagen, Lisbon, Paris, Luxembourgh, and various Belgium cities. Comparing to these – also very awesome – places, I still think Rotterdam is one of the most modern and progressive cities. For example, the architecture is quite modern and futuristic, there’re a lot of possibilites for art projects, and the nightlife is booming. I’m proud to call this place my home.


So the last few weekends I was busy with packing. Packing boxes, packing bags with clothes, packing MY LIFE. It was a lot of work but at this moment there’s only some furniture left. I’m happy I made it! (With many thanks to my parents though). For the next couple of weeks, I will live at my parents house in Berkel and Rodenrijs again. This is an impression of moving my stuff:

Even when moving feels a bit strange, I don’t think about it that much. My mind is already focused on my upcoming trip! I am really looking forward to travel with only my backpack, to meet new people, and to visit the most beautiful places. Maybe I will combine my big holiday with some volunteer work as well… Who knows. I will just let it come down over me and I will see what this trip will bring me! Thank you for reading this first blog, I hope you liked to read it.

Love, Isabella.



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